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About Me
I am Mikael Steenken, a freelance photographer based in the Netherlands. With the privilege of extensive travel and living in diverse countries, I have a passion for capturing every moment, memory, place, and experience that comes my way. What began as a hobby with a Canon EOS 1200D has now evolved into a professional journey using the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.
My innate sense of composition and meticulous attention to detail have propelled my photography to new heights. While I consider myself an all-round photographer, I specialize in model, wedding, and family photography, offering my services to capture precious moments and create lasting memories.
People often inquire about my favorite photo, and without a doubt, it would be one of the earliest photographs I took during the early stages of my passion. This photograph holds a special place in my heart as it was captured in the most enchanting city I have ever had the pleasure of visiting and living in—St. Petersburg, Russia. To be more precise, it features the mesmerizing Nevsky Prospekt at night.
I am drawn to portrait photography because it allows me to capture the unique essence and emotions of an individual. Through careful composition, lighting, and expression, I can create a visual narrative that tells a person's story. The ability to connect with my subjects and bring out their true personality is incredibly fulfilling. I find joy in capturing the intricate details of a person's face, the play of light and shadow on their features, and the subtle nuances of their expressions. Portrait photography is a powerful medium that enables me to celebrate the beauty and diversity of humanity.
Nighttime & Sunset
Nighttime and sunset photography have a special place in my heart because they offer a magical and ethereal quality that is hard to replicate in any other genre. The interplay of vibrant colors, dramatic skies, and the city lights or natural landscapes creates a captivating atmosphere. I enjoy the challenge of working with low light conditions and experimenting with long exposures to capture the dynamic beauty of the night sky or the stunning hues of a sunset. These moments of transition between day and night evoke a sense of tranquility and evoke a feeling of wonder and awe.
Landscape photography allows me to immerse myself in the beauty of the natural world. I am captivated by the vastness of landscapes, from majestic mountains to serene coastlines and everything in between. The ability to capture breathtaking vistas and showcase the grandeur of nature is truly exhilarating. With landscape photography, I can convey a sense of scale, depth, and the ever-changing elements of the environment. It also provides me with an opportunity to explore different locations, connect with nature, and appreciate the wonders of our planet.
Architecture & Diverse
Combining my passion for architecture, diversity, and artistic expression, I find immense joy in capturing the beauty and uniqueness of everything that catches my eye. Whether it's an iconic landmark, a vibrant street art mural, or an intricate pattern in everyday surroundings, I am constantly seeking out diverse subjects to photograph. By exploring the intersections of culture, design, and human creativity, I strive to showcase the incredible tapestry of our world. This genre of photography allows me to celebrate the harmonious coexistence of different architectural styles, as well as the captivating details and artistic elements found in the most unexpected places. With each click of the shutter, I embark on a journey to capture the essence of diversity and artistic expression in all its forms.
Animal & Wildlife
Animal and wildlife photography provide me with a window into the natural world and the incredible diversity of life on our planet. I am fascinated by the beauty and behavior of animals, whether it's the grace of a soaring bird, the power of a majestic predator, or the tender moments shared between a mother and her young. Through patience and observation I can capture unique and intimate moments in their natural habitats.
Experience & Photoshoots
My aspiration is to establish myself as a professional photographer, specializing in family shoots, model photography, and portrait photography.
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